Ride Needed, Spokane to Seattle (for little goat)

Mating season for goats is so frustrating when you don’t own a stud buck. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your goat is in heat and inevitably, you have to drive at least 1.5 hours on a dark and rainy night. So, I have a new plan. It may be really stupid, but if it goes south, I have a back up plan.

Just so happens I found a fabulous six month old stud buck from Spokane. He’s fertile and dedicated to┬áhis work, but not yet smelly (too young for that). Also, his schedule is free so he can spend a month with my goats and then a month down in Kent with some goats of a friend of mine.

Downside, how do I get the little dude to Seattle — and soon? It’s a four to five hour drive. I looked at rideshare on Craigslist and what do you know, a guy was looking for someone to accompany him from Spokane to Seattle (4-5 hour drive) and pitch in $20 for gas. He wrote all about how he was a young professional and good conversationalist. I e-mailed offering him $50 to bring the goat. An hour later, I got a, “I think I’ll pass.” Oooooo. This hurt.

Hurt, but undaunted. I placed my own ad. Little goat needs ride from Spokane to Seattle. Stay tuned to see what happens.

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