Snowflake’s babies will have ears!!

There were bells, on the hill, but she never heard them ringing, no she never heard them at all, until yesterday!

Yes, yesterday was Snowflake’s big day. I took her to Tacoma where she met up with a fabulous Alpine buck named, Soul Searcher. He’s a goat from Olentangy Alpines. It turns out that I’d read Snowflake’s signs correctly. She was in heat and so her encounter with the stud buck proceeded according to plan. Alpine goats have stand up ears, so Snowflake’s kids are going to have ears. I am so excited. In the past I’ve said that people who have a problem with the tiny ears of la manchas are shallow. I hope excitement over Snowflake’s babies’ ears doesn’t make me shallow too.

I’m a goat enthusiast of a sort, but I only keep two and don’t get into showing or know how to do tricky things like artificial insemination. My favorite people are enthusiasts — and it doesn’t really matter what they are enthusiastic about– just head long obsession into some aspect of life is all I ask for. So, when I met Mark Baden, the owner of Soul Searcher, and he took some of his time to talk to me about the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), it was a real treat. He is a serious goat enthusiast. Mark is a dairy goat judge and on the board of the ADGA. He had a wreath over his mantel made up of ribbons he’d won for his goats only this year, and it was HUGE. If you have a question about dairy goats, Mark is THE guy to talk to. I’ve hear that when he goes to goat shows, people crowd around and whisper amongst themselves about which goats they think he’s brought with him.

Get Mark talking about dairy goats and the ADGA and he can wax on and you’ll soon realize there are whole other worlds right there in our world. And one not to be missed is that of the goat enthusiast.

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  1. Piney says:

    Where do I find a stud goat for my doe near Seattle? Web searches havent produced much. :(

    • JennieGrant says:

      If you have a mini-goat, check with the miniature dairy goat association. If you have a standard goat, check with the American Dairy Goat Association.

      If you have a certain breed of stud buck you are looking for, go ahead and shoot me an e-mail through the contact the league section and I can send you some specific names.

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