Missed Opportunity

Darn, I am pretty sure that Snowflake did go into heat on Sunday, but it was less obvious than it had been the year before, so I didn’t whisk her down to her stud buck. I may have to wait another three weeks. Such suspense!!

I am going to give her kids (if they are doelings) to my back up milkers, Bonnie and David. They milk on Mondays for me and they milked when I went on vacation this summer which was incredibly helpful and freeing. They have just rented their own farm and are ready for a small herd. They have spoken with different dairy goat farmers and are interested in a cross between a La Mancha, Nigerian, and an Alpine. This, Snowflake can bake up for them. In looking around for an alpine stud buck, I found an amazing herd just south of Tacoma. It’s called Olentangy Alpines and it appears to be run by the states most serious goat enthusiast. Not only does he have enough blue ribbons to practically wall paper the interior of his house, but he loves to wax on about goat statistics (like some people get into baseball statistics) and seems happy to share his knowledge. Some of his goats sell for $1000! I am very excited for Snowflake.

I think I will breed Eloise with another mini-mancha though. I don’t want to do too much out there experimentation with breeding in one year.

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  1. Melany Vorass says:

    It’s odd how different heats can be. Last month Lily was loud, off her food, flagging her tail. So we set up to get her bred in 21 days. 21 days was yesterday and she’s not showing any real sign other than grooving on the buck rag. I think we missed it : (

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