Little Stud Buck in the Big City

Snowflake’s biological clock is ticking and it may already have tocked it’s last tock, at least for this year’s kidding season. Typically, goats cycle between September and February, but sometimes, the heats continue into the spring. In the hopes of getting milk before another year passes me by, I called my friend Laura who has a stud buck named Bosco. Laura’s been gunning for me to  pair Bosco up with … Continue reading

She Isn’t

Things are definitely not ticking along nicely for me lately. I must be on some sort of downwards bad kharma cycle. I found out today that Snowflake is not pregnant. This is a big disappointment. There is tiny bit of hope that she may go into heat in a week or two. I’m going to see if I can board her at the stud buck’s place to make sure we … Continue reading

Rat Zapper to the Test

Dead Rat Photo to go here as soon as I catch the **$#%*! This morning when I went to let the chickens out and check on their food I noticed rat poop mixed in among the chicken feed. This really set me off and I decided it was time to take action. My hunch is that the rats are squeezing into the locked-down coop at night, so this weekend I’m … Continue reading

Brownie’s Death

Brownie died on February 10, just last month. At the time, I wasn’t up to writing about it because it was so very sad. But, now I am feeling better so I can tell the story. Here’s what happened that day. In the morning, I went down to do my morning farmyard chores, like changing water and letting the chickens out. I had been giving both goats a cup of … Continue reading

Is She or Isn’t She

I’ve never worried so much about whether a goat was pregnant, and I definitely never bothered with a goat pregnancy test before. But, things are different now. If Snowflake isn’t pregnant, I won’t be able to breed her until September (due to the fact that goats only go into heat between September and February) and I won’t get milk or gorgeous kids until January or February of 2011. I don’t … Continue reading

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