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Goat Justice League Officers include:

Jennie Grant: President and Founder
Melany Vorass. VP in charge of discovering new types of forage and techniques for reducing the need for “concentrate” (term for goat chow/grain)
Don Kneass, Sr. VP in charge of building the worlds most innovative goat shed.
Rebecca Hazzard, Sr. VP in charge of building goat sheds with entirely used materials, and
Lori Vail. Sr. VP in charge of great speeches rebutting incoherent, rambling anti-goat speeches
Rachel Baker, Sr. VP in charge of people who have a hard time not parting with kids.
Spencer Kneass, Jr. VP in charge of young goat enthusiasts.
Tori Heid Hall. Sr. VP in charge of East Coast Public Relations, Membership, and Operations. She recommended I get on facebook way back in 2007 and I didn’t listen to her. But, watch out, the GJL is joining facebook soon. Tori was just too ahead of her time.

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