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Do you love goats and want to hear some good goat stories? This site is put together by a goat loving UPI reporter and another person who has goats (I don’t know much about this second person, better find out). It has every type of goat story imaginable from all over the globe. Goat ring tones for your i-phone, Ex-English teachers who move to Cuba to herd goats, scientific articles on mini-goat genetics, you name it. This is my very favorite goat website.

Goat Health Care

In all my perusing of books relating to goat keeping my favorite so far is called, Goat Health Care, written by Cheryl K Smith and illustrated by Myra Kote. It explains in clear language and with lots of illustrations the basics of goat keeping — food, shelter, behavior, kidding, and milking. Also included is a very helpful section on goat illnesses and how to treat them with an emphasis on the need to be cautious about overusing de-wormers.

Cheryl’s discussion of understanding your goat’s behavior through an explanation of goat sociology, and her explanations of how to trim hooves, and what exactly the rumen is, are engaging, succinct, and of great value to today’s goat enthusiast who is concerned both with animal welfare and the environment.

The book costs $23.95. To order it, visit the karmadillo.com website.

Farm City

A friend gave me this book and I figured it would be perfect for me because it’s about a farm in the city. I love the premise, an urban farm on abandoned land in inner-city Oakland. The premise itself is a wonderful thing. The trouble is that Farm City is too edgy and hip for me. About half way through, I gave up on it. I’ll hand it to Novella, she’s done some very amazing urban farm stuff and she’s cornered the market on edgy, but the edgy wears VERY thin, VERY quickly.

Secondly, and maybe this is just a different take on my over-edgy complaint, but I didn’t like the way Carpenter handled her discussions of prostitutes, homeless people, and drug-addicts. At first, her descriptions of these people intrigued me. I wanted to learn more about their lives. Sadly, I didn’t. I’m not that worldly, but I seriously doubt that prostitutes, homeless people, and drug addicts are so carefree and fun.

Max and Mona

This is a South African movie that has a goat in it named Mona. Not for kids and kind of scary at parts, but very interesting. You’ll be confused at first, but then end up learning a bit about South Africa.

Cows in the Commons, Dogs on the Lawn:A History of Animals in Seattle

This is an academic piece, but it’s about one of my favorite topics, the history of pets and farm animals and the distinction between the two in the City of Seattle. It’s by Fred Brown. To read Fred Brown’s dissertation, visit the website: http://www.cowsinthecommons.com

My favorite non-goat writers

  • Dave Barry
  • Bill Bryson
  • Betty MacDonald
  • Beverly Cleary
  • Stella Gibbons (for Cold Comfort Farm)
  • Richard Russo
  • Carl Hiaassen
  • Nick Hornby.
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