Breed Recommendations

What type of goat is right for the city?

Even though goats are now legal in Seattle, it is important to get ones that won’t be too loud. One loud goat could make a bad name for the entire caprine species. I have heard from goat enthusiasts far and wide is that la manchas and oberhaslis are the quietest of all goat breeds. In fact, oberhaslis are probably THE quietest, followed by la manchas. For city living, you’ll want mini-versions of these breeds. Check the mini-goat page of this website to learn more about them.

Those cute Nigerians, while they can be good milkers, are often loud. Also, so many people have bred Nigerians to be pets, that many strains have lost their dairy abilities. Pygmies, while adorable, are meat goats so they are no good for milking. I do not know how loud they tend to be.

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