Eloise on stall saver

Every fall at this time of year my goat yard becomes a mud pit. In the past, I have had arborist chips dumped in my driveway and spent hours and hours hauling them, garbage can full, by garbage can full, down to the goat yard. They work for a few months, but by January, I need to haul more wood chips down. And after a few years of this I … Continue reading

The Special Features of my State of the Art Chicken Coop

As promised some time ago, I made a very short movie about my chicken coop.

I step into a posh nail salon to rescue a chicken


I am generally a confident person, but I had that uncomfortable sense of being an oddball of glaring proportions the other day when I stepped into a posh nail salon in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood and asked for an acrylic nail to serve as a splint for my chicken’s broken beak. The ladies there were very polite, but that song from Sesame Street, the one that goes, “One of these … Continue reading

How to Make Rich Goat Milk Ice Cream without Cream


The first summer I had my goats and my refrigerator began to fill with goat milk, I decided to make goat milk ice cream with only goat milk (no cow cream). This turned out to be very difficult. Milk ice cream, even when you use egg yolks, just isn’t that good. I ended up getting access to a cream separator and after hours of work, got one cup of delicious … Continue reading

Strange Thrift Shop Find


I just got back from a vacation in British Columbia and while birthday shopping for Spencer at Value Village, I came across a portable ultrasound machine for just $35. It has Chinese writing on the keyboard, but English on the screen. I’m hoping to be able to use it to see how many kids my Eloise is carrying. This way, if I know there are three but only two come … Continue reading

Trouble in Detroit

Detroit officials recently booted 18 young goats who were working on urban renewal. Billionaire Mark Spitznagel was paying unemployed residents to serve as goat herds with the plan being to fatten up the unemployed neutered-sons of dairy goats, butcher them, sell the meat, and then give the proceeds to good causes. Sadly, like most cities, Detroit has some ancient rules on its books prohibiting farm animals such as goats. City … Continue reading

Parasite Management in Goats

I went to a very interesting talk on internal parasites in goats on Tuesday evening at the Seattle Farm Coop. It was given by Susan Kerr, DVM, Ph.D., and NW Regional Livestock and Dairy Extension Specialist. Internal parasites give me the heeby jeebies. I am going to spare you some of the electron microscope close ups of these nasty blood suckers. The main takeaway from this lecture for me was … Continue reading

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