Rat Zapper to the Test

Dead Rat Photo to go here as soon as I catch the **$#%*!

This morning when I went to let the chickens out and check on their food I noticed rat poop mixed in among the chicken feed. This really set me off and I decided it was time to take action. My hunch is that the rats are squeezing into the locked-down coop at night, so this weekend I’m going to do some more rat proofing by filling in some gaps between the roof of the coop and the back side of the coop. In the mean time, I’m going to take the food out of the coop tonight and set my new rat zapper in its place. The rat zapper electrocutes rats, but the chickens can’t get into it. I’ve never caught a rat with with the rat zapper, although I’ve only tried it a few times.  If I do catch a rat tonight, it means that night time break ins are a reality. Will the rat zapper kill tonight? Stay tuned.

P.S. I’m not sure if I’ll really post a picture of a dead rat, but I might. I’ll first have to see what an electrocuted rat looks like.

P.P.S. On a more positive note, I planted some lettuce, brocolli, and other misc. vegetable starts on Friday and I already have little sprouts.

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