She Isn’t

Things are definitely not ticking along nicely for me lately. I must be on some sort of downwards bad kharma cycle. I found out today that Snowflake is not pregnant. This is a big disappointment. There is tiny bit of hope that she may go into heat in a week or two. I’m going to see if I can board her at the stud buck’s place to make sure we catch the heat if a heat happens.

I’m now officially in search of a pregnant mini-dairy goat. Can I find such a goat? If so, who will be joining my herd? Stay tuned.

Also, I caught another dead rat last night. That’s three nights in a row that I’ve killed a rat. The problem is bigger than I thought.

Lastly, I got a letter back from the White House and I probably don’t need to tell you that Michele didn’t write to say that she wants to fly me to D.C. to get my advice on how best to house mini-dairy goats in the Rose Garden. I’m going to need to come up with another approach.

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