Little Stud Buck in the Big City

Snowflake’s biological clock is ticking and it may already have tocked it’s last tock, at least for this year’s kidding season. Typically, goats cycle between September and February, but sometimes, the heats continue into the spring.

In the hopes of getting milk before another year passes me by, I called my friend Laura who has a stud buck named Bosco. Laura’s been gunning for me to  pair Bosco up with Snowflake for some time now. She says he’s got great potential and will help Snowflake “throw” kids with fantastic udders and large teats. Given her enthusiasm for the match, I called her to see if Snowflake could stay at her place with Bosco for a week or so. This would save me the trouble of whisking the goat Miss up to Lynnwood on the spur of the moment. For whatever reason, big trouble always arises whenever it’s “Snowflake’s time”

Unfortunately, Laura said she had too many kids on the ground for Snowflake to stay with her. I was really disappointed about this, but then a big idea hit me. “Could Bosco come stay here with Snowflake?”

Laura had to think about this for a bit, but after a pause she said, “Sure, I don’t see why not.” Bosco’s schedule was pretty open so I was able to pick him up on Sunday morning.

I was so excited when I brought Bosco down to Snowflake’s area, but I can’t really say the same for Snowflake. The first thing she did was to butt him on the head — hard. He wasn’t going to take that, so he started butting her, and the two ended up spending their whole first day together butting heads. I thought this was a poor start to a relationship, but…

It’s been a week now and while they are not butting heads anymore, they sleep in opposite corners of the goat shed. Once I saw them sort of nuzzle noses, but their relationship hasn’t gotten past that. My friend Geri says that her does are still cycling, so there’s definitely hope.

Bosco isn’t smelly (wrong time of year for that) and hasn’t annoyed any neighbors at all, but there is one problem with having him in my back yard. That problem is all the GRIEF I’ve had to take from friends. Bosco is only 8 months old (bucks are fertile at just 3 months old) and he’s just about 2/3 the size of Snowflake and doesn’t yet look like a macho stud buck. If he were a movie star, he’d be like a young Michael J. Fox, not like an older Gerard Depardieu. I would even go so far as to say that he’s almost pretty, bordering on effeminate. Didi’s husband, Tom, when he saw him said, “Isn’t he going to need scaffolding or something?” My neighbor Emily Hazen, from across the street said, “He’s only eight months old? That’s just wrong.” Didi said, “Gosh, I didn’t know Snowflake was a cougar?” and Melissa said, “I just don’t understand the mechanics of how that would work?”

All this got me worried that Bosco wasn’t up to the job, so I called Laura. She said I need to have more faith in the little guy.

How will Bosco and Snowflake’s relationship progress? Stay tuned.

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