Every fall at this time of year my goat yard becomes a mud pit. In the past, I have had arborist chips dumped in my driveway and spent hours and hours hauling them, garbage can full, by garbage can full, down to the goat yard. They work for a few months, but by January, I need to haul more wood chips down. And after a few years of this I notice my fence posts are shrinking. So, this year I am trying something new I bought a 20ft x13ft piece of stall saver stall mat (see post from early September). It is marketed as the ultimate equine horse stall flooring material. It was designed to be used inside, but the sales person told me it could be outside too. The interesting thing about it is that it is porous, so urine and rain water just soak through but poop does not. My plan is to sweep the poop up every day with one of those big wide brooms.

To install the stall saver, I first laid down a black weed fabric (also porous). The point of this was to protect the stall saver from getting too much clay mud on it. Then I laid down the stall saver, using a box cutter to cut as needed. I used industrial/garden type staples that are about 6 inches long and sunk them through the stall saver and into the ground.

It’s only been one day so far, but it seems to be working beautifully. I love, love, love it. No muddy boots or slipping or even any sense of maybe slipping. Eloise and Snowflake seem to like it too. Eloise had a little lie down on it this afternoon and she never did that when it was bare ground. Once summer arrives, I will pull out the staples, hose off the mat, and store it until the rains begin again.

To celebrate the installation, I trimmed both Eloise and Snowflake’s hooves.

The question now is how the stall saver will hold up over time. What will happen when it freezes and when it snows. I’ll keep you posted.

The photo above shows the stall saver. After I took this picture, I added more so it covers the area behind Eloise. I didn’t have enough to cover the area on the back side of the goat shed, but the goats don’t seem to go there very often and the chickens like some bare ground to hunt around in.

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