Snowflake and Eloise Make Public Appearance

Snowflake and Eloise are homebodies, but every few years I pack them into the station wagon to meet their fans. Yesterday, they helped me at a booth at the Seattle Tilth Harvest Festival. They demonstrated being goats and I sold my t-shirts and book.

Needless to say, Snowflake and Eloise are experts at demonstrating being goats and were a HUGE hit. Children surrounded their enclosure holding out maple leaves to them all day long. At first, this worked great. Whenever a goat ate a leaf the kid holding the leaf in question was THRILLED and all the other kids tried hard to get the goat to come eat their leaf. However, after awhile, Snowflake and Eloise ate all they could and began to break hearts as they turned away from the leaves that were offered to them through the bars of the pen. Kids jiggled the leaves and called their names, and Snowflake and Eloise just turned their backs on them.

Lots more happened at the Harvest Festival, this story is just the first installment of the Story of the Day at the Harvest Festival.

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