My Interview with Terry Gross

When I first signed the contract to write City Goats, I dreamed of appearing on the radio program, Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I knew this was wishful thinking, but sometimes I would let my mind loose to enjoy the fantasy. City Goats, has not hit it big and no calls from WHYY from Philadelphia have been forthcoming, but…

A NPR radio reporter Deborah Wang who I know from my son’s track club, did visit with her daughter a few weeks ago to meet Peter and feed the little dude his bottle. While Deborah was here, she took a few pictures and sent me hard copies in the mail. They arrived when my editor friend Mary Metz was visiting and Mary said, “You and that chicken look like you are on a talk show. But, which of you is the host and which of you is the guest and what are you saying?”

Lots of ideas have occurred to me but one has taken the lead in my head and led me to legally change the name of this chicken, Little Red Hen, to Terry Gross. Since Terry Gross is always the host, that makes me  the guest and we’re  discussing City Goats and the history of farm animals in cities and the importance of reintroducing farm animals into our day-to-day lives.

What sort of a chicken is Terry Gross you may ask? She is a reliable egg layer and has an amazing way of engaging people in conversation, just like her human namesake. I am fortunate to have such a chicken.

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