Sherman Alexie, Snowflake the Goat, and Marty Feldman

Snowflake got to meet Sherman Alexie last night. Or maybe, Sherman Alexie got to meet
Snowflake. The two of them hit it off and she went right up and snuggled him and he gave her a nice hug. If you are thinking, wow, I didn’t realize Sherman Alexie was such a fan of the how-raise-goats classic, City Goats, I’m afraid I have sad news for you. He had never even heard of my book, or the Goat Justice League, or even noticed Snowflake when she was on the front cover of The Stranger, a newspaper he sometimes writes for.

So what was he doing at my house? He donated a reading for ten to my son’s middle school and a group of friends and I offered the winning bid. He was a terrific guest and as much a performer as a writer. He read stories from the book he’s working on, answered questions from the small audience, and made us all laugh and even get almost teary at times. Also, he doted on Marty Feldman the Pug and thought Marty Feldman was a good name. Feldman was so at ease with meeting Sherman Alexie that he fell asleep during the reading and snored so loudly that we had to wake him up and reposition him.

Here’s a bit of goat/celebrity trivia. Sherman Alexie can milk a goat. Growing up in farm country, he has experience in milking cows and goats although he says he’s not very good at either. He once belonged to FFA, Future Farmers of America.

I wish I had asked Sherman Alexie about animals in his novels. He seldom includes animals in his writing but he clearly likes them. And of goats in literature, I was so star struck and tongue tied that I completely forgot to ask him his thoughts on this matter.

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