My First Bottle Baby

I’ve named ELoise’s little buckling, dad, after my father and grandfather. My dad turned 80 this year, so I thought I’d be generous and name a goat after him. He was a little worried that his namesake would be eaten, but I think Peter will find a job land clearing or as a companion to some other animal.

Eloise let Peter nurse just after he was born, but the next morning, she’d step away whenever he tried to make a move toward her underside. She was quite attentive to him otherwise, watching over him and cleaning him, but she would not let him nurse.

For the first week, I held her and let him nurse, and then I decided to give bottle feeding a try since I’d never done that and had heard that bottle fed babies are far tamer. It took me two separate sessions of attempts to get Peter to take the bottle, but once he got it figured out, he became a bottle addict.

I’ve been bottle feeding about three weeks now and love it. He is INCREDIBLY tame. You can take him away from his mother and he’s perfectly happy to go where ever you go.

Here’s a fun movie of him chasing a friend of Spencer’s down on the shores of Lake Washington a few blocks from my house.

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