The Indignity of Being a Dairy Goat

With all this talk of Snowflake’s ill fated romantic interludes, I have neglected chronicling the life of Eloise. Eloise is due to kid April 4. This will be her first freshening so I’ve started getting her used to being on the milk stand. Every morning, I give her grain when she hops onto her stanchion. Now she is so enthusiastic about this morning routine that as soon as she¬†sees me, she hops onto the stand. Once she’s up and is chowing down, I lock her head into the stanchion, and put my hands on what will develop into her udder.

This strange behavior of mine shocked her and at first and she took offense expressing her strong sentiments by stomping. I’d just kept my hands on her though and after a week or two of this, she has relaxed about the procedure. This morning she gave just a half hearted stomp before standing still. My hope is that this training will help her get used to being milked even before she starts giving milk. Stay tuned on whether or not this works for her.

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  1. daniel says:

    Great story about eloise..she is stubborn but u r moreso. Sorry I missed the bothell library chat today..was volunteering at vegfest. Any other book presentations scheduled?

    • JennieGrant says:

      Yes. If you go to the King County Library System Website, and scroll down to events and choose, a Place at the Table, you’ll see the full list. There are four more.

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