Marty Feldman

I have been fostering a pug dog through Seattle Pug Dog Rescue and have decided to adopt him and name him, Marty Feldman. He’s 9 months old, but due to a liver and kidney problem, is expected to live only about 6 years. I wasn’t going to adopt him at first, but then my other pug, Eddie, became very attached to him and he kept Eddie entertained by playing with him. Also, Feldman has an especially docile temperament.

Eddie is my farm pug and like other farm dogs, he is extremely helpful. Eddie is my personal trainer. He makes sure I get out for walks by peeing in the house if I don’t and keeps my son from leaving legos on the floor, by eating them whenever he finds them on the floor. Eddie is what all disciplinarians should be, consistent. Feldman helps out on the farm by keeping Eddie entertained and providing Eddie with companionship. Once Feldman arrived, Eddie stopped trying to have a relationship with my leg every time I ran for the phone. He’s just too tired now given all the playing he does with Feldman.

I don’t like the cultural dualism we’ve got here in America nowadays where animals are either pets, who are treated like children, or farm animals who are treated like commodities. I think it’s wrong that in our culture we treat dogs and cats so well (most of the time) and then buy meat from factory farmers. It’s a system of ethics that has lost its bearings.

In an ideal world, all our domestic animals (farm and pet alike) would be treated equally and all animals would serve some purpose. It’s a good thing Eddie and Feldman are so useful!

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