Eloise is Awfully Large, Snowflake is Unwell

The good news is that all signs point to Eloise having settled (this is the goat enthusiasts term for being pregnant). She is extra round and hasn’t gone into a noticeable ┬áheat since the evening she spent with the dashing young Scirocco.

Snowflake, however, has met with a stud buck three times and while all these encounters went according to plan, they did not result in a pregnancy. It’s possible that her last rendez vous took, but I doubt it. A few weeks ago I noticed her shivering (hence the coat) and her appetite was down. I took her to the vet who gave her a special goat antibiotic. This caused her temperature to go down, but her other symptoms to get worse. My hope is that the antibiotics cured a lurking infection but messed up her rumen and that once I get her rumen bubbling away again, she’ll be fine. I’ve been bringing her bundles of ┬áher favorite, blackberry bramble, and giving her nutri-drench and probios every day, and she’s eating again. But somehow, she still doesn’t seem quite right and is on the thin side. I do not think she will have kids this year. She’s probably going to have to make do with bossing her grand-kids around. Snowflake is an excellent mother, but a rotten aunt. When her little nieces and nephews of the past have dared come bounding enthusiastically in her direction, she gives them a rough butting.

Feb 22 Update: She’s better. Phew!!

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