Eloise and Scirocco on a star lit night

Here is the handsome Scirocco at just one week old. Male goats become fertile at only three months of age.

I have been waiting and watching for a full 10 months for Eloise to go into heat without luck. But two mornings ago, the tide turned, the winds shifted, and the bad juju disappeared in a poof. When I went down to the goat yard to let out the chickens and replenish food and water, Eloise’s tail was flagging away. I made an appointment for Eloise to go to her stud buck’s farm at 7:00 pm. At 6:30, Don and I lifted a confused Eloise into the back of our station wagon, and I drove straight to Lynnwood with no wrong turns and no traffic. Once at Glimmercroft Farm, the young Scirocco came to meet Eloise in the light of Laura’s patio.

At first, Eloise wasn’t sure what to make of Scirocco but then Scirocco nuzzled her and made some interesting snarfling sounds and she settled down. The one slight hitch was that Scirocco is only 8 months old and a bit short for the job. We helped him out by backing Eloise up to a deck that was about 8 inches taller than the ground so Scirocco got a boost in his height. I won’t go into the prurient details, but I will say that three matings took place in the course of only 15 minutes. Each of these took about 3 seconds. You may think, “Woooeeee!” that little dude is virile. This is just the way of goats. They evolved under circumstances in which if they were caught messing around in the wild, they’d be dinner instead of proud parents. I think the goat’s enthusiasm for speed mating is what led medieval Europeans to portray the devil as a half man/half goat with goat legs and horns. Stud bucks are of the unsavory bounder type, although Scirocco, being a fairly young stud buck, appeared relatively clean cut in comparison with his peers.

Eloise is home again. I’ve given her alfalfa pellets which she’d been off for the past month. These will help her get the calcium and calories she needs during her pregnancy.

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  1. Emmy says:

    Elosie is all grown up :)

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