The Goat Diaper Begins


Above: The beginnings of a goat diaper. I plan to make a bag that snaps to this triangle of webbing and catches the goat’s poop.  

I have begun construction of a goat diaper. The diaper I envision is not made of plastic and synthetic, absorbent, fluff like a human nappy. Rather, the idea is to create a framework of nylon webbing onto which an urban goat keeper can easily snap a bag to their goat’s rear end.  The bag would catch the goat poop that routinely falls from a goat’s behind and prevent it from bouncing far and wide and thereby making the urban goat keeper unpopular with his/her neighbors. Goat berries are excellent and valuable fertilizer, but they can, as can all poop, carry disease. Plus, even though goat poop is not nearly as foul as dog or cat poop, most people object to stepping in poop of any kind.

The reason I have embarked on this mission to create an easy to use goat diaper is, as you may notice from the photos above, Miss Eloise has begun to put on pounds. This is because I was feeding alfalfa this spring and summer when Snowflake needed the extra calories to feed her young and me besides. At her peak, Snowflake was giving 3000 calories a day of milk!! I couldn’t feed one goat alfalfa and not the other (only one goat yard).

With a goat diaper, I will be able to take Eloise out for the cardio work out she desperately needs. You might ask, “Why not just pooper scoop like you would for a dog?” You would not ask this question if you had ever tried actually walking a goat. Goats poop ten times more frequently than dogs, and when their poop pours forth, it does so in the form of hundreds of hard little berries that bounce far and wide. Try pooper scooping all of these while trying not to get pulled over by a hundred pound goat who wants to keep on moving.

Unfortunately, I can’t find my snap installation tool and I lost the snaps I’d bought to finalize the diaper. I need these to put on the catch bag portion of the diaper so I can attach it to the webbing frame under the goat’s tail. As soon as I find these, I’ll be able to complete my project. Stay tuned.


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  1. Don Kneass says:

    Well done!

  2. Mary says:

    Why are you not using the commercially available “berry bag”? Will you be adding information on how to make your own goat diaper to your website? (And does Eloise know you’re talking publicly about her figure in this way?)

  3. JennieGrant says:

    I didn’t buy the commercially available, “bunn bag” because it cost $75. I thought I’d save money and might even be able to start a little cottage industry making goat diapers. However, things did not go as planned and I didn’t save money and lost my snap installing tool. Oi. When will I learn?

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