City Goats Review

Here’s my favorite review of City Goats posted by an Amazon Reader.

This review is from:┬áCity Goats: The Goat Justice League’s Guide to Backyard Goat Keeping (Paperback)

If you love goats, but can’t fathom why anyone would raise them in their backyard, you are a lot like me. And if you are a lot like me, you are going to love CITY GOATS! Leaping into the world of goat-owning, as Jennie Grant nimbly describes it, is a pure pleasure! She’s super frank about the hard work and the poop… and yet, somehow, you still find yourself laughing wistfully, and thinking, “I wish I could walk a goat on a leash through my neighborhood”. Even if you know in your heart that you will never, ever build a goat shed, you start thinking, “So that’s how you build an awesome goat shed!”

CITY GOATS pulls you in! Best of all, this book is so Seattle-quirky (seriously, it’s subtitle is: The Goat Justice League’s Guide to Backyard Goat Keeping”!) it’s bound to be required reading for all Seattle foodies, organic-snack moms, new-to-Seattle transplants, and lovers of what makes Seattle weird. And if you’re looking for a gift, CITY GOATS is right up there with the famous Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure for Northwest/Portlandia/Keep-Seattle-Weird gift-giving! My whole family read CITY GOATS, including my kids, who loved seeing the sweet pictures (by beloved Seattle photographer, Harley Soltes) like the one of Jennie Grant’s son guarding his cupcake from nosey Eloise, and the one of a long-bearded, wild-eyed Morgan the stud buck!

My advice? Order the book and settle in with a good glass of wine and some creamy chevre. Prepare to have a thoroughly enjoyable read. And be careful, because you might just end up longing for a goat (and a goat shed!) of your very own!

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