The Goat Diaper Begins

diaper rear

   Above: The beginnings of a goat diaper. I plan to make a bag that snaps to this triangle of webbing and catches the goat’s poop.   I have begun construction of a goat diaper. The diaper I envision is not made of plastic and synthetic, absorbent, fluff like a human nappy. Rather, the idea is to create a framework of nylon webbing onto which an urban goat keeper can … Continue reading

Missed Opportunity

Darn, I am pretty sure that Snowflake did go into heat on Sunday, but it was less obvious than it had been the year before, so I didn’t whisk her down to her stud buck. I may have to wait another three weeks. Such suspense!! I am going to give her kids (if they are doelings) to my back up milkers, Bonnie and David. They milk on Mondays for me … Continue reading

Snowflake’s time??

I showed Snowflake and Eloise the buck rag this morning and Snowflake showed some interest by flagging and even made a tiny bleeting sound. Perhaps it is her time. If so, I will whisk her up to the stud buck this evening for a rendez vous. I can’t go this afternoon because I have a volunteer job as a pug dog fortune-teller at Pug-o-Ween. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

The Mole Convention


As the days shorten and Snowflake’s milk production falls, and the leaves fall, and it IS fall, the moles gather for their annual convention in my front yard.They like to gather EVERY single year, and while one neighbor mentioned that they are doing a great job aerating my soil, I am afraid that I do not appreciate their efforts. The moles did not just create these piles of well tilled … Continue reading

The Working Cat’s Work


Gandalf (spelled wrong earlier) is becoming quite the friendly cat. Whenever I enter the garage now, he comes up to me for a pet and meows and purrs. In this way, he is a fine cat. However, I got him to kill rats and I’m starting to worry that he’s the right cat for the job. He’s spent three weeks in the garage so that he knows that we are … Continue reading

City Goats Review

Here’s my favorite review of City Goats posted by an Amazon Reader. This review is from: City Goats: The Goat Justice League’s Guide to Backyard Goat Keeping (Paperback) If you love goats, but can’t fathom why anyone would raise them in their backyard, you are a lot like me. And if you are a lot like me, you are going to love CITY GOATS! Leaping into the world of goat-owning, as … Continue reading

A Working Cat Comes to Stay

Rats, rats, rats. I have done everything to get rid of them. They have no access to chicken feed or goat feed, and yet, they like to make their home around the goat yard. I see their holes. Last year they ate all my strawberries so I didn’t even plant strawberries this year. I hear that they are attracted by chicken poop. They live on it. Could this be true? … Continue reading

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