Brownie’s daughter peeks over the fence


My original goat, Brownie, has passed away, but her daughter, Rosie, lives up the street from me. Rosie, went into heat last weekend and looked all over, including over her fence, for a goat version of Daniel Craig. Sadly for her, stud bucks are not allowed within Seattle city limits. A neighbor snapped this picture. I am trying to think of the right word to describe her expression. Rosie, once … Continue reading

Science and Goat Poop


I write in my book, City Goats, that goats digest their food so thoroughly that if they eat weed seeds, those ┬áseeds, once they have been chewed and ruminated and generally churned and broken down by the goat’s very efficient digestive system, can never sprout forth as nature intended. But, I recently began to wonder if this is in fact true. I read a scientific article titled, “The Efficiency of … Continue reading

I’m not crazy, I just have a smart goat


Snowflake has been gaslighting me, but unlike the evil character, Gregory, from the 1944 film, Gaslight, Snowflake used an electric light instead of gas one. The expression, “gaslighting,” comes from the old movie Gaslight. In this pscyological thriller, a young woman named Paula, played by Ingrid Bergman, is in the care of an aunt who is brutally murdered one night. Paula is sent off to Italy to study music. Ten … Continue reading

Eloise is Awfully Large, Snowflake is Unwell


The good news is that all signs point to Eloise having settled (this is the goat enthusiasts term for being pregnant). She is extra round and hasn’t gone into a noticeable ┬áheat since the evening she spent with the dashing young Scirocco. Snowflake, however, has met with a stud buck three times and while all these encounters went according to plan, they did not result in a pregnancy. It’s possible … Continue reading

Snowflake’s babies will have ears!!

There were bells, on the hill, but she never heard them ringing, no she never heard them at all, until yesterday! Yes, yesterday was Snowflake’s big day. I took her to Tacoma where she met up with a fabulous Alpine buck named, Soul Searcher. He’s a goat from Olentangy Alpines. It turns out that I’d read Snowflake’s signs correctly. She was in heat and so her encounter with the stud … Continue reading

Not all publicity is good publicity

This story somehow made national news. I think it’s funny, but before watching it, note that it contains lots of erroneous information about responsible goat keeping. Based on what is said in the article, my opinion is that the owners of Voldemort are not what you’d call responsible goat owners. First, it looks like Voldemort is an only goat and it’s never a good idea to keep just one goat. … Continue reading

Eloise and Scirocco on a star lit night


Here is the handsome Scirocco at just one week old. Male goats become fertile at only three months of age. I have been waiting and watching for a full 10 months for Eloise to go into heat without luck. But two mornings ago, the tide turned, the winds shifted, and the bad juju disappeared in a poof. When I went down to the goat yard to let out the chickens … Continue reading

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