Homeless person offers me a quarter

A while ago I went to Pioneer Square to give a talk about my book at Olson Kundig Architects. They bring in speakers from a huge array of disciplines every Monday morning and a friend of mine who works there recruited me for a 20 minute talk about the history of farm animals in cities and backyard dairy goats. They are a very hip and forward thinking firm and design … Continue reading

Peter the Goat Kid and Feldman the Pug


Peter and Marty Feldman are very cute together. Here’s a movie I made starring the two of them. Note, for whatever reason, you have to click on this post and then the link to the movie shows up.

A Home for Peter


I’ve found a good home for Peter. I put an ad on Craigslist and heard nothing and became discouraged. But then, for whatever reason, I looked at my junk folder which I’d forgotten about, and there was an inquiry about my ad. I e-mailed right back and wasn’t too late. I sent photos and more information and the person said she wanted him! The adopter has a single female goat … Continue reading

My First Bottle Baby


I’ve named ELoise’s little buckling, dad, after my father and grandfather. My dad turned 80 this year, so I thought I’d be generous and name a goat after him. He was a little worried that his namesake would be eaten, but I think Peter will find a job land clearing or as a companion to some other animal. Eloise let Peter nurse just after he was born, but the next … Continue reading

A New Life


One buckling, and a big one at that! I was up until 1:30 waiting for kid number two, but he/she never came. She was in heavy labor for one and a half hours so I had to go in and help. I’d never done that before. I didn’t need to reposition, the huge guy was just stuck.

The Indignity of Being a Dairy Goat

With all this talk of Snowflake’s ill fated romantic interludes, I have neglected chronicling the life of Eloise. Eloise is due to kid April 4. This will be her first freshening so I’ve started getting her used to being on the milk stand. Every morning, I give her grain when she hops onto her stanchion. Now she is so enthusiastic about this morning routine that as soon as she¬†sees me, … Continue reading

Marty Feldman


I have been fostering a pug dog through Seattle Pug Dog Rescue and have decided to adopt him and name him, Marty Feldman. He’s 9 months old, but due to a liver and kidney problem, is expected to live only about 6 years. I wasn’t going to adopt him at first, but then my other pug, Eddie, became very attached to him and he kept Eddie entertained by playing with … Continue reading

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